Stefani Lavaro
Research Executive
Account Servicing Group

graduated magna cum laude at Saint Louis College (City of San Fernando, La Union) with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

She started her career with Consumer Vibe Asia in September 2016 under the Client Servicing Group after passing the Board Exam for Psychometricians held last August 2016. She is currently being trained in both Qualitative and Quantitative Research, but her heart is more inclined to Quantitative Research. At present, she is gaining good exposure to a wide range of industries such as FMCG, Insurance, IT & Telecommunications and Automotive, among others.

Her expertise currently is on questionnaire design but she is currently practicing her skills on proposal writing and data analysis.

During her leisure time, Stefani loves reading books and watching movies. When in La Union, she enjoys hanging out with her family and closest friends.